Controversy for Controversy’s Sake?

I love the Oscars. I’m one of the people who turns on E! at 2 p.m. to watch the endless pre-show coverage for 5 hours. I thought this year’s show was better than it had been in a few years. I didn’t mind Seth MacFarlane as a host, but a few jokes made me cringe.

One in particular about nine-year-old Best Actress nominee Quevenzhattne Wallis being almost too old to date George Clooney seemed downright wrong. Here’s a link to that moment and some of MacFarlane’s other most hated jokes: hps://

A lot of these jokes left people wondering why? Why would he say that? Why have Seth MacFarlane as host when he’s known for being crude and controversial?

The answer is ratings. Specifically ratings among men. For years the show has been making changes to get more viewers. Ratings were significantly up among men this year, but many are asking at what cost? Is it worth women being humiliated?

Though much was written about these jokes and the Oscars in general across the blogosphere. I had a tough time tracking down people who had watched the show. I was really amazed when working on my story about this year’s Oscars how many people told me they didn’t watch.

Did you watch? If so what did you think? Comment and let me know!



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